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i-Maestro Music Exercise Authoring Tool

The i-Maestro Music Exercise Authoring Tool (AT) is a software tool for creating and editing exercises or lessons within the i-Maestro system. It includes the Lesson Packaging Tool (LPT), which is used to process lesson packages for easy distribution.

The output of the AT contains the structure of the learning unit (exercise or lesson), and appropriate sub-units with the Training Specification Language (TSL) formalisation together with all the settings and parameters as inputted by the author.

The i-Maestro Music Exercise Authoring Tool is mainly used by music teachers. It can be used to create/edit exercises and lessons for theory and practise.

It provides teachers with an extremely flexible authoring tool so that they can better cover and tailor their students learning experience support.

Key benefits include:

  • Theory and practical
    The AT supports the usage of other i-Maestro tools, e.g. 3D Augmented Mirror (AMIR), Sound and Gesture Lab (SGLab) and Multimodal Cooperative Service (MuCS), etc. to create both theory and performance exercises.
  • A guided process
    The AT authoring process is structured with step-by-step guide for the ease of editing while offering flexibility for pedagogy and learning materials.
  • Learning to learn
    The principles underlying i-Maestro content authoring are derived from research in music education and psychology. By working with generated content, students are encouraged to develop their learning and supported in the process by suggestions based on their past results.
  • Automatic encoding and integrated environment
    The tool automatically encodes and packages the exercise content and structure as required allowing flexibilities and personalisation. Users need not struggle with files in different data formats and different tools to create interactive multimedia exercises manually.
  • Easy distribution and sharing of exercises
    Teachers can adapt/reuse generated exercises and/or their musical contents. They can send exercises to one or more students, or upload the exercises to the i-Maestro School Server where students or other colleagues can access it at any time and from any location.

To create an exercise/lesson, the user selects the type of exercise/lesson (theory, practice, cooperative or generic), operate the needed choices (in terms of content and structure), provide the requested supportive info (in terms of topic, description, etc), and specify the appropriate resources. This is done simply by following the step-by-step guided path. When completed, simply save and the i-Maestro Exercise Authoring Tool will process the instruction, information and data received into a i-Maestro compatible lesson/exercise.

To edit/personalise an existing lesson/exercise, load the existing lesson/exercise browse to check and revise by editing and changing the original settings and materials.

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