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The music market is currently characterized by several products that present some form of integration of music notation/representation and multimedia. For example in the area of music education (integrating multimedia), music management in library (integrating with multimedia for navigation and for synchronisation), karaoke (synchronisation based integration), etc.

The integration of music notation in MPEG can cover the needs of these tools and much more adding: interoperability, porting them on i-TV and on mobiles, supporting scalability of format complexity, etc., permitting to these tools to integrate the powerful MPEG model for the multimedia modeling and play.

MPEG-4 technology covers a huge media domain through the concept of synthetic and natural hybrid coding (SNHC) audio, and "symbolic" audio (like e.g. MIDI) content can be rendered and synchronised with other forms of media: images, video, graphic animations, etc. It further allows structured descriptions of audio content through a normative algorithmic description language associated with a score language more flexible than the MIDI protocol (MPEG-4 Structured Audio, SA). All these tools, though allowing to derive in someway a symbolic representation out of the information they carry, are to a large extent not enough to guarantee a correct coding of music notation as they lack for instance all kind of information about visual and graphic aspects, many symbolic details, a thorough music notation modelling, and many necessary hooks for a correct human-machine interaction. MPEG-7 also provides some symbolic music related descriptors; but they are not meant to be a means of coding symbolic music representation as a form of content. On the other hand, MPEG SMR content stream contains a complete Symbolic Music Representation. It may be rendered in synchronisation with other audio-visual elements, video, audio, images, animations, 2D and 3D scenes, etc.

MPEG SMR permits the realization of new applications in which multimedia and music notation may take advantage and enrich each other in terms of functionalities. For example in the areas of edutainment, entertainment, courseware production, music notation subtitles during concerts and operas, music rendering in archives, piano keyboards with symbolic music representation and audiovisual capabilities, mobile devices with music display capabilities, etc.

Snapshot from an SMR editor; Score, video, performance & tempo control

Snapshot from an SMR editor; Conductor Score view

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SMR in ISO International Standards - ISO/IEC 14496-23:2008

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The above videos require DiVX or Xvid video decoders

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