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i-Maestro School Server

The I-MAESTRO School server is an area for user authentication, lesson distribution, pedagogical material, history of pupil, training material, tools for the teachers, historical data collection and navigation, music school training management for the different scenarios.

School Server

All schools need to store information about Students and Teachers. With I-MAESTRO School server many operations become easier:

  • Adding a Student or a Teacher
  • Modifying the profile
  • Grouping students in classes
  • Analyzing the student's portfolio and improvements
  • Assigning a lesson or a homework
  • Gathering student's practice data

The School server is also a repository of lessons, contents and courseware, there will be the class lessons. The teacher could also modify them or prepare new ones at any time, then post them on server for a quick distribution to the students.

By giving a clearer picture of the situation to administrators and teachers, the School server helps to choose the right curriculum or to dynamically modify it for every student.

Classes enrolment Student's profile
Classes enrolment Student's profile

The School Server distributes the lessons to Students i-Maestro Environment (IMEnv) as organised by the Teachers.
IMEnv will be distributed as the main application for i-Maestro students and teachers. With IMEnv it is possible to easily access to assigned lessons. There is no need for a web browser. The related i-Maestro tool will be launched automatically when the lesson has been chosen and, in case of online lesson, downloaded.

School Server snapshot
School Server main page

School Server snapshot
Lessons list and selection in IMEnv

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