Cooperative Environment – Feature in I-Maestro

In the previous posts, I described the reasons of using I-maestro, why it is so important and its important tools, as I already told you that this project is creating a new revolution in the music learning experience. I-maestro’s tool, school server is also an important application that is coded inside this project, which really helps a lot to students and teachers in order to provide quality music teaching to them. It is the major reason that’s why most of the European music educational universities adopt this advance technology.

Cooperative environment is an another important feature of this amazing project I-Maestro, as we all know that the cooperative activities are very essential for any beginner like in pokies player should know about the basics (music learning) and if we start learning music, an instructor or I can say musician or teacher firstly start making groups as some activities can only be learned in groups. I-Maestro provides us many kind of support which helps in the music activities. There are several areas where the I-maestro provided solutions. Mostly it explores the learning possibilities of the music study and projects. It helps in learning music by giving different applications of middleware. These applications make the music training more effective and communicative. It also gives the reports of errors, considers some tool’s profiles and additional command management. I-Maestro develops the tools for specific study and modals. Some of the tools are play training, composition tools, editor of music and other music tools. Some of the tools developed by I-Maestro works for cooperative editing and delivers better performance. Teacher and trainers can easily monitor the performance of different students at the same time. They can filter the change made by the participant or the students, can integrate them and solves the completeness and consistency problems. I-Maestro has become important for those who need to increase their productivity in efficient way and also want to reduce the costs. I-Maestro enhance the environment so the trainer can give practical-training for composition, ensemble playing and theory-training with the help of the interactive and innovative tools of I-Maestro. I-Maestro also provides portable tools which support the practical training of music and it can be used on tablet, PCs and on personal computers. I can surely say that I-Maestro really provides a Cooperative environment for learning music education with the help of its important features such as gesture controllability, expressivity, innovative tools and providing the cooperative environment and work among participants.