I-Maestro for music training

I-Maestro provides solution with its framework and tools for sound composing and music training. It has transformed the way of learning music by providing favorable tools for music training. I can say that the software for educational music and the interactive instrument for musical training make I-maestro more useful. It provides support in both performance and theory, so any individual can learn music in self-learning environment. Schools and other music learning institute use these augmented instruments in their class rooms and also for analyzing the progress of students. Several music institutions also use the I-Maestro tools and server for advanced audio analysis and better communication between trainers and students. I-Maestro also helps in gesture and score following so trainer can analysis the performance done by student. While playing games i love to play online games. The gesture follower has the ability for real time tracking of performed gesture and then it could be compared with the prerecorded data. It also explores the new possibilities and solutions for easy and effective music training. I think I-Maestro gives helpful tools for music or I can say it’s providing enhanced music education. There are some basic things and objective which helps individuals or trainers for providing music education.

  • Basic experimentation and improvement for supporting the teaching and music learning.
  • It explores the pedagogical approaches for improved music education and knowledge.
  • Embellishment of the connection between theory and practice of musical education.
  • It also creates a self-learning and technology enhanced environment by providing the interactive framework and beneficial
  • I-Maestro Production tools are useful for music exercise, courses and projects of students.
  • It also provides tools such as gesture analysis, audio processing and tracking which helps trainers and clients in monitoring the performance and theory exercise.

I-Maestro is providing different methods and tools for supporting musical training. The most used and profitable thing of I-Maestro is the “school server.” Several musical training organizations and institutions are using the I-Maestro school server. It is advantageous for sharing the music learning material. It can be used at both place school and home easily. With the help of this server any institute or music training school can easily add any new staff member and students. Monitoring the progress and distributing the class project would be easier with it. All I can say that I-Maestro is beneficial in exploring novel solutions for interactive musical training and also provides the productive framework and tools.