I-Maestro Tools

I-Maestro provide specific tools or I can say framework which changes your music learning experience and make it more interesting. This project gained a lot of support from European Educational universities and many of them adopt this new technology in order to provide students a better explanation. Everyone says if you are passionate about something then you achieve anything, it is true but dedication also requires a proper guidance through which we are able to learn that thing thoroughly. In the same way, i-Maestro is the medium which provide proper guidance to music learners through which they are able to cop up with every situation.

I-Maestro includes specific tools which provide specific features. Some of the tools of this amazing project are school server, authoring tool, gesture and posture, cooperative environment and many more which made this tool different from others. Now question is that why school server is added to this project and the answer is very simple that until you have a competitor in any field till then you fought hard to win that thing, same reply is associated with this question. School server connects with the school/university net and authenticates every user before give access to it. This tool also provide history of pupil, lesson distribution, data collection (including historical and modern both) and other features too.

I-Maestro tool school server requires information of students and teachers, the reason for storing information in order to differentiate the content. Since this project i.e. I-Maestro is for both students and teachers and also there is different sign-up for students as when you tried add a member they whether you are a student or teacher, one more feature is you are able to modify your profile anytime and along with this you also able to make a group of students for group learning. This tool is also helps you to analyze the particular student performance and also assigns the homework or assignments to them simultaneously.

The I-Maestro also provide flexibility to teachers to organize new lessons or notes for students and distribute them and these lesson are distributed through I-Maestro Environment and for access these lesson you don’t require web browsers and that is the plus point that makes it separate from the other music learning tools. There are different curriculums which are in-built and also modifies as required by the teachers. The i-maestro environment accessed lessons and launched automatically when you choose any lesson from the list and if the particular lesson is not there then lesson is downloaded for offline work.